Innovative Landscape Lighting

Innovative Landscape Lighting


At Innovative Landscape Lighting we know that outdoor and landscape lighting is one of the most effective ways to add beauty and value to your home. As Iowa’s most trusted residential outdoor lighting specialist, we know that the secret of stunning outdoor illuminations is in the perfect placement of energy-efficient, handcrafted copper and brass outdoor lighting fixtures. This is where Innovative Landscape Lighting owns the night. When you see how our professional lighting transforms your home, you’ll agree that our designs do more than illuminate. They captivate. Our trained outdoor lighting designers focus on highlighting all the best features of the front of your property to increase its curb appeal and create a welcoming ambiance. The architecture, textures and colors of your home will all be considered as your lighting design is created.


Your landscaping is one of the loveliest and most distinctive features of your home. And yet it’s probably hidden once the sun goes down… diminishing your enjoyment of the view and limiting the usability of your yard after dark. At Innovative Landscape Lighting we make the most of your landscaping with professional landscape lighting that’s tailored for trees, gardens, fountains, pathways, statues and other backyard features. Our lighting design experts orchestrate the outdoor lighting fixtures to set the mood you want — whether it’s soft and romantic, or cheerfully lit. We can even add a touch of color with warm washes of golden light, adding vibrancy and charm. If your landscaping could talk, it would thank you for making it look so terrific. Our landscape lighting systems utilize the highest quality fixtures in the industry  path lights and spot lights blending seamlessly into the existing landscape.  


The best lighting statements are made by whispering rather than shouting. Our professional outdoor lighting designers create solutions that beautifully illuminate and accentuate your outdoor living spaces, using subtle touches of energy-efficient light to accentuate features without overpowering the yard or detracting from your nighttime view. This greatly enhances eye appeal. It also extends the usable square footage of your home, opening up your deck, porch, patio or gazebo for nighttime entertaining. And with our fully programmable automatic lighting controls, the whole yard can switch on and off each evening. Owning the night was never easier. Porch, patio and deck lights not only allow you to use your outdoor spaces late into the evening, but also increase the safety and security of your backyard.


Special occasions and special lighting go together like cake and ice cream. Weddings, graduation parties, birthdays — and of course, the holidays — are all made brighter when you add festive outdoor lighting fixtures and displays. At Innovative Landscape Lighting we love using our exterior lighting expertise to make your events and holidays memorable. From Hawaiian-themed luaus to patriotic 4th of July displays and joyful celebrations of Christmas, your outdoor party and holiday lights will be a treat for the whole neighborhood to see. Innovative Landscape Lighting outdoor holiday lighting adds festive cheer to your home with a combination of roofline, tree and yard displays. With a variety of colors and styles, it’s not just Christmas lights we design and install, we have options for Halloween lights, Easter and more. If you are hosting an outdoor event, you may not need permanent outdoor lights. Instead, we can help you, or your event planner, create a beautiful lightscape, just for your event. Our temporary outdoor lights can be used for your party and then picked up the next day

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